HarmoTab is a free editor and player of tablatures for harmonica.
Scores created with HarmoTab have a musical staff with under each note a symbol indicating the action to perform on your instrument.

HarmoTab features :
  • Edit scores with musical staff and tablatures for harmonica;
  • Open and save scores in the HarmoTab3 format (.ht3 files);
  • Add accompaniment chords and lyrics;
  • Create tablatures for a specified harmonica using harmonica models;
  • Create custom harmonica models;
  • Playback scores and export scores as MIDI file;
  • Print scores and export scores as image file.


HarmoTab 3.1 download

Windows installer
File EXE
33.2 Mo
Package without installer
Manual installation, you need to have a working JRE installed;.
File ZIP
1.2 Mo




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